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The Cinch Postpartum Wrap Back Support Hip Shaper

The Cinch Postpartum Wrap Back Support Hip Shaper

$ 89.99

A Post-partum recovery essential for new moms.

The Signature Style Cinch Postpartum Wrap - Hip Shaper - Back Support

New Moms with Newborns 
After Natural Birth or C-Section 
Post Abdominal Surgery.

Internal Pouch for Cold/Warm Compress. (sold separately)
Use a compress to help sooth, increase circulations and reduce cramps. Even stronger Elastic Band for more support. 

Get Back with just 1 wrap! Only 2 Sizes:
XS-M (26"-34") - expands to 38"
L-XL (33-42") - expands to 48"

Product Description

Scientifically proven to have 360 degree even compression, 2 times compression as other wraps, and 2 times velcro strength. 

Features and Functions
360 degree even compression, Fully Adjustable Anion Technology for better circulation, Cinch Tension Control, 2 wraps in 1, Internal Pouch, Power Mesh™, Safety Knet, Rolls Control™, and Cinch Tension Control. 

60 % Nylon, 32 % Polyester, 8% Spandex & Anion Technology 

Color: Cool Grey 

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