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Maternity Belly Band - Pregnancy and Post-Delivery -  Made in USA

Maternity Belly Band - Pregnancy and Post-Delivery - Made in USA

$ 17.99

  • 85% Nylon/15% Lycra
  • Stretchy Soft Fabric
  • Made in USA

Wear them during pregnancy: These bands are the hottest multi-use maternity accessory. Wear them under your shirt and over your pants to give you a shirt extender effect and to get the longest wear out of your pant wardrobe. Keeps your growing belly covered. 

These bands are made of nylon/ lycra. 

Wear them post-delivery: Belly Bands can be worn during the transition of getting back into your pre-maternity pants. 

Wear them as Nursing Covers: These bands provide a shield to cover your torso while nursing. Belly Bands also can be worn as a night time nursing bra. 

Wear them any-time: These Bands are perfect any time. Belly Bands can be worn to create the trendy layered look, worn as a tube top under low cut tops, or jackets. 

These bands are also handy when using Stretch Mark prevention lotions and creams. Apply your favorite Stretch Mark Cream on your belly, wear this band over it to protect your clothing from getting smeared, and off you go! 

Prepregnancy Pant Sizing 2-4 = SMALL 
Prepregnancy Pant Sizing 6-10 = MEDIUM 
Prepregnancy Pant Sizing 12-14 = LARGE 

Machine Wash Cold. 

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