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5 reasons why you need to buy breastfeeding clothes

My Bella Mama™

If you are a thrifty new mom, you keep telling yourself that there is no need to spend extra money on specialized nursing clothes, that you can manage to nurse your baby in your normal clothes. Right? We've been there too. But now, after many years after our breastfeeding days are over, we know that investing in good quality and well designed nursing tops can save breastfeeding moms tons of frustration and anxiety. Here are 5 reasons why you should add nursing wear to your wardrobe:
 1. Only expose the essential parts of your body
You will no doubt have to nurse your baby in public at times. Wearing a well designed nursing top will allow you to wip out the goods without much fuss and without exposing your entire body to the world. Only expose the necessary parts.

2. Buying Designer Nursing Clothes that do not break the bank

The days of ultra expensive nursing clothes are over. You can buy good quality and well designed breastfeeding apparel at low prices. The trick is knowing where to look. My Bella Mama™ is a nursing wear brand that offers the best of both worlds: the good quality you can expect only in expensive maternity boutiques at low discount store prices.

3. Look for Breastfeeding Clothes that compliment your postpartum figure

Your body will take some time to go back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Well designed nursing clothing is engineered to hide all those giggly spots while allowing for easy and discreet nursing.

4. Be smart and look for nursing clothes that look like normal clothes

Don't buy nursing clothes that scream "I'm still pregnant" or "I'm a milk machine". Look for contemporary designs that can be worn well after your nursing days are over. Try our My Bella Mama™ nursing tops. Our designs are modern and tailored to look like regular tops. No one will know they are for nursing baby.

5. You carried your baby for 40 long weeks.  Sister you deserve to buy yourself the proper wardrobe for your breastfeeding endeavors. You earned it!

Featured in this video: Empire Waist Nursing Top by My Bella Mama™





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