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5 reasons why you need to buy breastfeeding clothes

My Bella Mama™

If you are a thrifty new mom, you keep telling yourself that there is no need to spend extra money on specialized nursing clothes, that you can manage to nurse your baby in your normal clothes. Right? We've been there too. But now, after many years after our breastfeeding days are over, we know that investing in good quality and well designed nursing tops can save breastfeeding moms tons of frustration and anxiety. Here are 5 reasons why you should add nursing wear to your wardrobe:
 1. Only expose the essential parts of your body

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Japanese Monkey Pants Contest and Giveaway

My Bella Mama™

Monkey Pants for baby

submit your images of baby wearing our Monkey Pants and you can win a $100 My Bella Mama™ Gift Card in addition to monthly prizes. Winners announced every month and Grand Prize will be announced on December 31st, 2017

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Become a My Bella Mama™ brand ambassador

My Bella Mama™ breastfeeding clothes maternity fashion influencers maternity giveaways nursingwear

Are you pregnant and love fashion?

We have a few spots open to become a My Bella Mama™ brand ambassador. Contact us and find out how to get free My Bella Mama™ clothes.

What does a My Bella Mama™ brand ambassador do?

It's easy and fun: wear our clothes, strike a pose, take a pic and share it.

Instagram:  #mybellamama, #mybellamamamaternity

facebook: @mybellamamamaternity


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Send an instant Maternity e-Gift Card

My Bella Mama™

A My Bella Mama™ e-Gift Card is the best maternity gift.

Send an instant gift to your pregnant daughter, cousin, niece, or friend.

She can use it to buy what she really likes and She will thank you!

Maternity Gift Cards

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9 Most Beautiful Images Of Women Breastfeeding Their Babies

My Bella Mama™ breastfeeding nursing

Photos: Imgur by pinkp


In a world where artificial intelligence is quickly replacing human connection, it's comforting to be reminded of how breastfeeding is still our connection to our most primitive nature. Breastfeeding is an amazing act that not only nurtures life but it also reminds us of the beauty of nature. Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful images we have seen of moms nursing their babies. Let us all be inspired to continue supporting and encouraging breastfeeding and let's...

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